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When It’s Time for a Major Renovation

When you've been living in a home for more than a decade, it's normal to get bored. Sure, you've painted the bedroom 7 times and you've gotten the kitchen cabinets refinished, but maybe it still doesn't feel right. Or maybe you recently purchased a new...

Plaster vs. Drywall

Here are Michelle Tanner Homes, we tend to use plaster walls in our homes, rather than drywall. Since so many people have switched to drywall these days, and plaster is becoming less and less common, we often get questions about why we still use plaster....

Building a West Michigan Custom Home

Building a custom home in West Michigan can be serious fun. There are all sorts of beautiful natural spaces to build a home here, and when you're building exactly the home you've always wanted, what's not to love? That said, beginning the building process...

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