Here are Michelle Tanner Homes, we tend to use plaster walls in our homes, rather than drywall. Since so many people have switched to drywall these days, and plaster is becoming less and less common, we often get questions about why we still use plaster. So, we thought we’d outline some of the differences between the two materials in a blog, to give homeowners a better idea of what the deal is with products. Here’s everything you need to know about drywall and plaster, and why Michelle Tanner Homes opts for plaster whenever we can:



Drywall has quickly become an easy commodity and a very fast way to build a home. Drywall, which is manufactured in factories to be a very thin, strong board made out of gypsum sheets, is nailed to the wood framing of a home. From there, the drywall installer will use a joint compound to fill in cracks between separate boards of drywall, and to essentially glue the board to the floor and ceiling. It’s a wonderful product of technological advancement that allows for builders to get homes up much quicker these days, but it’s not as durable, nor as soundproof as something like plaster. Drywall’s life span can be measured in decades, and while it’s a great product, it’s something that you can put holes in with enough force, and there are common complaints of nails popping out over time.



Plaster has been used for wall finishing since the times of ancient Egypt. In fact, the tombs of Egyptian rulers used to feature plaster walls, many of which are still standing today. The obvious benefit, then, is plaster’s extreme durability. There’s not a lot that can bring it down, and additionally, it produces a high end finish that looks gorgeous and is easy to paint. The downsides of plaster do come primarily with installation. It takes a bit of effort to put up, which can mean greater labor costs, and it takes longer to dry as well. This means you need to have someone working on your home’s install who’s comfortable working with plaster, and knows what they’re doing.


Why go with plaster

Now that you know the difference between plaster and drywall, why do we at Michelle Tanner Homes prefer plaster over drywall? Here are just a few reasons:


We often build homes for families with children, or for grandparents who take care of the grandkids often. And if you have kids in sports, you know how often pucks, soccer balls, and footballs hit  the wall. Plaster is the most durable wall finish on the market today, and it can stand up to just about anything you or the kids throw at it. Because we work to offer our clients only the highest quality products, we always go with plaster walls over drywall.



Plaster is also much more effective at muffling sound than drywall. Because it’s thicker and less porous, sound can’t travel through it quite as easily, which gives your home a more peaceful environment. If the kids are in the basement with their friends, or if your spouse likes to watch tv at a high volume, you won’t have to worry about them disturbing you in another room.



Plaster is decidedly a higher quality product than drywall. Its life span can be measured in centuries, and it offers a high-quality finish unlike any other product on the market. It’s a material that takes paint really well and provides your home with a beautiful, smooth finish that offers the perfect backdrop to the rest of your interior decoration. Though plaster does tend to be a bit more expensive than drywall, because we work a great deal with one of the top plasterers in the state, the price difference isn’t as significant as if you were just commissioning a plaster job yourself.


While we’ll always work at the pleasure of our clients, at Michelle Tanner Homes, we opt to go with plaster walls whenever possible. It’s a superior material that’s resistant to even the heaviest wear and tear, and it looks better painted than just about anything you can find on the market. If you have any more questions about why we use plaster walls, or even if you’re just looking to build a high quality custom home, give our office a call or contact us online today!