Our Approach

We do things a little different and a little better.

The Michelle Tanner Approach

At Michelle Tanner Homes, we work to provide our clients with an easy, seamless home building experience. We believe that building a custom home should be fun, and we work to create this experience by placing priority on skills like logistics and organization, and above all, by dedicating ourselves to facilitating open lines of communication with each and every one of our clients.

When you build with Michelle Tanner Homes, you’re not just getting a builder, you’re getting a partner. It’s our company’s firm belief that no home is a Michelle Tanner Home if Michelle Tanner isn’t there to see it built. Michelle will be out on the job site every day, and she’ll accompany you on every shopping trip to ensure you end up with the home you’ve always wanted. With decisions on everything from floorplans to lighting, Michelle is always there for you, to listen to your concerns, answer questions, and offer suggestions where you need them. We call this The Michelle Tanner Approach. You’ll see it every step of the way, from your first discovery meeting to the final walkthrough.

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Let’s break it down a little further…

1. Discovery

The Michelle Tanner Approach starts with a discovery session, where you’ll sit down with Michelle and explain to her what it is that you’re looking for. Whether you have a complete plan or you’re just starting to figure one out, Michelle is there to listen to your ideas for your new home or renovation. If money were no object, what would your dream home look like? We’ll make sure each of your ideas for your new home is taken into account, and then Michelle will give you an estimate range based on your initial design wants.

2. Exploration

During the exploration phase, we’ll decide how best to get you a home that’s as close to those wishes and wants as possible, while remaining within a budget that’s reasonable for you. After the discovery session, things will start moving a bit more quickly as we draw up your plans and get your location approved. And while this might seem a bit overwhelming at first, Michelle will be with you every step of the way to answer questions, make clarifications, and provide help wherever you need her most. At Michelle Tanner Homes, we believe the building process should be enjoyable, and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure it’s as fun for you as it is for us! 

3. Design

When it comes to design, most new homeowners are worried they won’t be able to visualize a floor plan from a set of 2D blueprints, and that’s just fine. Before we even draw up your final floor plans, Michelle will work with you personally to see what sort of home you’re considering, and then we’ll help you translate that into a floor plan that works. Though some clients do come in with a floor plan all set to go, they’re certainly not in the majority. If you have one or two elements you know you want, bring them in, and our in-house designer can help incorporate them into a complete floor plan that fits just what you’re looking for. And if you’re unsure of what it will look like when we’re all done, Michelle will help walk you through everything. It’s important to us that our clients sign off on every aspect of the building process, and we won’t get started on anything until you’re certain it’s exactly what you want for your home.

4. Bidding

Once you’ve settled on the perfect floor plan for your home, we’ll start the bidding process. This involves a lot of phone calls on our end. We’ll organize each of our subcontractors’ schedules, and ensure that their bids fit comfortably within your budget. At Michelle Tanner Homes, we pride ourselves on our high level organization, and we work hard to ensure that schedules are set so that once we break ground, your new home moves along steadily to completion with little to no interruptions.

5. Selections

Michelle will go with you on an initial shopping trip to make selections on interior elements like flooring options, appliances, countertop materials, and so much more. Michelle makes it her priority to accompany clients on every shopping trip, so that she can best assist you in your endeavor to realize your dream home. We’re committed to helping our clients in every way possible, and that doesn’t stop at simple construction needs.

One of the biggest components of the Michelle Tanner Approach is our commitment to a high level of customer service. That commitment extends to the hardware store, the granite supplier, and anywhere else you may need to go for home finishing selections. Our goal is to always be of service in any way we can. Whether the salesperson is asking technical questions or you’re not sure which color scheme you’re going with just yet, Michelle will be there to answer those questions and offer advice wherever she can be of help.

6. Production

As soon as we get the permits for your new custom home location, we’ll break ground. Communication doesn’t stop here either. When you build a Michelle Tanner Home, you’ll see Michelle Tanner every step of the way. When it comes to production, she’s out on the site nearly every day, ensuring the right people are on the job and the right materials are delivered and handled properly. You’re always welcome to visit the site to see how your home is coming along, but if you don’t have the time, know that you’ll get an update from Michelle on any sort of change or new development in your project. It’s our top priority to ensure that you’re fully informed at all times, because it is your home, after all!

Stay in touch with Michelle Tanner Homes!

At Michelle Tanner Homes, we believe that our clients should enjoy the building process, which is why we maintain clear, open lines of communication and put your goals for your new home first. Our clients are always our first priority and we do everything we can to ensure that you have fun building a new custom home that's truly yours.